Golden Gecko Spa

Straight out of a glossy magazine, the Golden Gecko Spa With it’s beautiful fixtures and organic murals a is an interior design dream come true. After a day of adventure be lull to sleep by a cascading river while getting a world-class massage in a private bungalow by the fireplace, enjoy the best facial treatments or just relax and take it easy in our spacious saunas… Enjoying the full experiencing of this Balinese inspired space, is must while staying at the hotel…

“The spa’s excellent therapists will pamper your tired muscles while you relax to the living music of nature. The sounds of a cascading river, birds, howler monkeys, toucans, and an occasional rumble by the volcano will make your treatment an unforgettable experience”.

Yonka Facials

The golden Gecko is proud to be the only spa in Costa Rica using Yonka‘s exclusive products from parís for facials. Yonka’s unsurpassed quality is used by superstars such as Angelina Jolie Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Madonna. Every product is “au-naturel “, made from plant and fruit extracts from all over the world,blended with aromatic formulas from lavender, cypress, rosemary, thyme and geranium essential oils in order to balance, sooth, revive, and rejuvenate your skin complexion.

Costa Rican facials

Volcanic clay with hot stones facial massage, stimulates and increases circulation, tightens sagging skin, refines enlarged pores, exfoliates by lifting dead skin cells and cleanses the skin like no other facial. Volcanic clay is good for all skin types.

Duration: 30 min.



High performance hydrating facials. Three responses: Superficial dehydration, deep dehydration, after sun repair.

Duration: 60 min.



Lifting and firming facial. Expertized anti- aging facial.

Duration: 80 min.


Luxurious Body Wraps

Body wraps are treatments designed to tighten your skin, eliminate toxins, help with temporary weight loss or soothe tired muscles


Envelop your skin with precious ‘silk’ and enjoy a luxurious massage , like a second skin, this exquisite body wrap deeply hydrates your skin and provides it with a satin appearance and a silky touch.

Duration: 50 min.


Body Polishes

Our special blend of essencial oils and sea salt or pure cane sugar, rich in trace minerals and alphahidroxy acid will nourich and exfoliate the skin. The polishes are applied in massage strokes helping to detoxify and stimulate the circulatory system. After rinsing your skin will be velvety soft and feeling like new.

Kids Menu

Children will love the Special treatments we have for them in our spa. An experience that will be a fun memory of Costa Rica.


Ever wonder what Charlie felt at the Factory? Well here ´s your chance. Get covered from head to toe in the best kind of chocolate that even Mr. Wonka would like to try it. Not only will you feel happy, and energized after this massage but this is one delight you really can eat!

Duration: 40 min.



How delicious is chocolate, how tastey it may be, to have it on your face; you really must see. Feel it so smooth, yummy and sweet; why this really is some kind of treat! Absorbent facial with the delicious smell of chocolate, leaving the skin extremely soft.

Duration: 30 min.



Choose from our bright and fantasy colored nail polish, complemented by a soft massage of hands and feet.

Duration: 45 min.



A fun and relaxing massage with the pleasant smell of strawberry; ending with washing of feet with a strawberry scrub

Duration: 30 min.



Foot treatment reflexology

Reflexology therapy treatment is based on the principle that there are reflex areas on the feet that correspond to all body parts, glands and organs. Reflexology employs a unique method which uses the thumb and fingers to apply pressure to these reflex points.

Duration: 30 min.


Back Massage

A wonderful antidote for stress and muscle tension.

Duration: 30 min.


Yonka's Candle Massage

This sensual, relaxing and replenishing new body treatment is a complete head to toe massage that allows you to drift into a state of total relaxation for one blissful hour amidst the subtle perfume of essential oil of Bulgarian Rose. Once lit, the ROSE Massage Oil Candle creates a subtle halo of light to create a sensual and calming atmosphere, as the aromatic oils melt to produce a wonderfully fragrant aroma that fills the air with scent of the Valley of Roses of the Balkan Mountains. The warmed pure essential oils and plant butters are then trickled over your body in a precious ointment, warm and smooth and massaged to create a truly unique and amazing pampering experience of luxury and wellbeing.

Duration: 60 min.


GG Signature Massage

The perfect massage experience inspired by the swedish full body massage that stimulates blood circulation and soothes tense muscles.

Duration: 90 min.


Aromatherapy Massage

Uses scented essential oils of the highest quality for a deep, soothing massage.

Duration: 90 min.


Costa Rican Hot Stone Massage

Lava stones are picked from rich rivers are heated and covered with luxurious natural oils to carry warmth deep into the muscles, tissues and joints. These stones, valued for their healing properties, glide on your skin to soothe and stimulate, giving you a relaxing and unique experience.

Duration: 90 min.


Couples Experiences

Romantic get away Jungle, Volcano & Love Just Relax!!!!

Jungle, Volcano & Love

60 Minutes Room Couple Massage Special Romantic Dinner at at The Blue Hibiscus Restaurant Price per couple

Duration: 60 min.


Romantic get away

60 Minutes Room Couple Massage Arenal Volcano Romantic Dinner at the room Price per couple

Duration: 60 min.


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